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Tools for change: Back to the basics

Keep it simple. That’s always the challenge. The themes we’re working on with that ‘bucket-list’ of tools for change, it’s all too easy to go running off down the rabbit-hole, making things more complicated and complex than they need to

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Still here, still busy

Yeah, I’ll admit I’ve gone a bit quiet recently. Over here on this blog, at least. But it hasn’t been that I haven’t been doing anything. There is a lot that’s going on at present – though most of it is

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Planting trees

That’s a large part of what I do, I guess – planting trees, metaphorical and literal. Why? Well, perhaps the best reason for doing so is in a lovely tale I came across the other day. One of the Oxford

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Context-space mapping and the Chaotic domain

(This series of posts explores a concept of ‘context-space’ which in part draws on a categorisation immortalised in a certain well-known diagram. It must be emphasised that this is not about ‘That Welsh Framework‘ (aka twf) which that diagram illustrates: for details on twf,

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Solution-space: Beyond Cynefin?

The previous posts on ‘chaos and Cynefin’ were intended to contribute to an ongoing debate about how to use concepts from the published Cynefin framework and the like, and particularly to underpin a systematic exploration of what many Cynefin aficionados

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On reflexive methodology

Apologies: this is going to be another long one, and probably more technical than most people want to see (especially at Christmas? 🙂 ). But I do promise that it’ll be useful to you if you’re interested in methodology of

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Magical-thinking and knowledge-management

It started, as these things so often do, with a Tweet on Twitter. (This has turned out to be an enormously long post – I’d better put a ‘Read more…’ link in here before continuing.)

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Innovation in unexpected places

Spent part of last weekend at the annual conference of the British Society of Dowsers – the folks who do water-divining (‘water-witching’ in the US) and similar skills. I’ve worked with them at various times over the past thirty or

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Jakob Nielsen on real-world 'Enterprise 2.0'

After the sour taste of the McAfee farrago, it’s been a real pleasure to come across some solid fact and solid sense on ‘Enterprise 2.0’, from renowned usability expert Jakob Nielsen. (Thanks to Oscar Berg and others for the link.)

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Visio function-model stencil for 'Services' book

I’ve just uploaded to the Tetradian Books website the ZIP archive of the Visio stencil and template for the function-model process described in the Service Oriented Enterprise book I published a few days ago. The archive includes: Visio 2003 stencil

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