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Toolsets for enterprise-architecture – another try

What tools and toolsets do we need, to support our work in the architecture of the enterprise as a whole? The short and more cynical answer is “Not what we have right now”. To be blunt, maybe none of the

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An inventory of sorts

In the previous post ‘Decisions, decisions…‘, I promised to list the tools for sensemaking, strategy, modelling, metagovernance and the like, for use in enterprise-architectures and similar fields, that I’ve been working on over this past decade or so. So here

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At Gartner EA 2016

Somewhat to my surprise, via a much-appreciated invitation from Lucy Jones and her colleagues at Gartner’s events-team, I found myself at the Gartner EA Summit conference in London last week. Interesting… Okay, yes, I’ll have to admit to still feeling

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Towards a whole-enterprise architecture standard – 5: Practices and toolsets

For a viable enterprise ­architecture [EA], now and into the future, we need frameworks, methods and tools that can support the EA discipline’s needs. This is Part 5 of a six-part series on proposals towards an enterprise-architecture framework and standard for whole-of-enterprise architecture: Introduction

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The game of enterprise-architecture

Given the parlous state of most current enterprise-architecture ‘education’, is there any way we could do it better? One option might be to reframe EA-education as a game. I don’t mean ‘gamification’ as per the asinine ‘boy-scout badges for enterprise-architects’

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A tale of three toolsets

Time to get back on the toolsets trail… First, though, I’ll let Phil Beauvoir have his own rant about the current state of supposed ‘EA-toolsets’ – as per a series of Tweets he pushed out a few days ago: Better

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More on the ‘Why’ for new toolsets

As you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda struggling somewhat to fully explain the ‘Why’ behind all of this talk of ‘new toolsets for enterprise-architecture‘ and related disciplines. And then, out of the blue, via a reTweet from Phil Beauvoir

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From tools to toolset

Okay, I’ll admit to a certain amount of frustration here… Yes, I’ve been talking a lot about toolsets for enterprise-architecture and the like, the ‘Why’ for a new type of toolset, the workflows within which such toolsets would appear and

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Toolsets for associative modelling

Back on the toolsets theme, what’s the Why behind all this focus on a new type of toolset? Why won’t the existing toolsets do the job? In practice, the core concern is as per the previous post ‘Toolsets, pinball and un-dotting

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Tools and metatools

Meta-this-that-and-the-other – metamodels, metaframeworks, metamethodology, metatheory, even metatools? What is all this stuff about ‘meta-‘? And what is ‘meta-‘, anyway? One answer is that it’s about a kind of recursion that we often need in our work, in which something is applied to

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