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Platform, toolset and tool

With all of this exploration on new toolsets for enterprise-architecture and the like, what exactly¬†are we talking about here? Is the aim to create some kind of ‘super-tool’ or toolset that will do absolutely everything, all in one go –

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Toolsets, pinball and un-dotting the joins

What is enterprise-architecture, anyway? What’s it all about? Where does it add value to the enterprise? Kinda important questions for enterprise-architects, it would seem… Given that, then it seems it might be worthwhile to leverage some of those recent posts

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And more on toolsets for EA

Delighted to see that the past couple of posts on toolsets for enterprise-architecture and suchlike have stirred-up quite a bit of interest. So let’s keep going, and see if we can make this happen for real. ūüôā One thing that

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More notes on toolsets for EA

Various notes following on from my recent post ‘New toolsets for enterprise-architecture‘. Most of this is about some great interactions on the ‘EA-toolset’ themes with Phil Beauvoir (@ArchiToolkit), Peter Bakker (@mapbakery) and Gene Hughson (@GeneHughson), and also, if somewhat peripherally,

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Chatting with a colleague the other day about where I’d gotten to so far with my explorations on new toolsets on enterprise-architecture. I’d been talking on what I saw about what it needed to do overall; then a bit about

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New toolsets for enterprise-architecture

(There are several posts queuing up for publication here about this shift in direction towards ‘maker of tools for change‘, but this one is a bit more urgent to support a key conversation that’s happening right now. The other posts

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Enterprise-architecture as hologram

What’s the best metaphor we could use for the information collected in enterprise-architecture and related disciplines? The answer, I’d suggest, is a¬†hologram. This is in part a follow-on to the post ‘What do we need from our EA tools?‘. What

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What do we need from our EA tools?

What do we actually¬†need our enterprise-architecture tools to do? What are the ‘jobs to be done’ with which we need their help? And if our existing tools aren’t delivering that help, what can we do about it? [Update: While writing

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EA toolsets – time to get on the cluetrain?

It was an interesting little insight – one of those things that just seem to arise spontaneously sometimes, out of the aether, at the right kind of conference. The first part was a panel-session: five different vendors, each with their

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Which EA tools? – and why?

Over on LinkedIn, on the EA People list, Frank Guerino asked about EA tools: Question about EA Tools… What tools do you use to help you with EA tasks and why? What do you perceive their Pros and Cons to

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