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That volcano’s gettin’ kinda busy…

That’s the view from my verandah here in Antigua Guatemala this morning: Volcan de Fuego has been kinda busy of late. (Click on the picture for a larger-size view.) To give an idea of scale, that’s on a 4x zoom

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The safety-guys would have kittens (or goats)

Sadly, I don’t have a photo for this one – they always pass by so fast that I don’t have time to take the camera out. Anyway… One thing that amazes me about life in much of Latin America is

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Full moon in Tepoztlan

I’m sorry, I just can’t laughing at the absurdity, despite the lack of sleep. It’s full moon in Tepoztlan – a small ‘pueblo magic’ town about 60 miles or so to to the west of Mexico city – and boy,

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There are guns everywhere in Guatemala City. Even a little low-middle-class colonia such as the one where I’m staying has a guard-station with two security-guards, each with a shoulder-slung pistol-grip shotgun, checking each vehicle in and out through the gates.

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In Portugal

Currently attempting a holiday in Portugal – which for me, of course, means taking the computer with me so as to try to break free of writer’s block’ on the current books! Still, I am managing to take some time

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Worsening my carbon footprint?

Oh well: I will admit it: I have succumbed: I have bought a car. Well, a bit more than just a car, actually: This lumbering monster is a 1988 VW campervan, in surprisingly good condition for something that’s just under

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