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Product, service and trust

Sirens blaring, blue lights flashing, the large white truck howls across the junction just ahead of us. Unusual markings, too: ‘Bomb Disposal’. In these troubled times it could be anything, of course; but out here, in the quiet backwaters of

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On ‘T&C’

When presented with someone’s ‘terms and conditions’ dialog, how often do you read through the whole thing, and only then click the ‘I have read…’ checkbox, and move on? If you did actually read it, do you truly agree to

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“Science, which is a belief-system”

A fascinating throw-away line in an article on the BBC website today, ‘Arizona: Naming the dead from the desert‘: The forensic scientists and I have a lot of faith in science, which is a belief system. It requires trust in

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SCAN – work in progress

Yes, I know I’ve gone a bit quiet in the past couple weeks, and no, I haven’t abandoned those ideas about SCAN sensemaking and real-time decision-making and the like. Reality is that those ideas are very much in the ‘work

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Belief and faith at the point of action

What is it that drives decisions at the exact moment of choice and action? – even in the most mundane, everyday action? If the choice-point itself is a true moment of chaos – a point where literally anything is possible

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Trust and the enterprise

Trust is the core of the enterprise in action. So why do so many businesses and other organisations seem to go out of their way to destroy that trust? And what can we as enterprise-architects do to make it work

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A week in Tweets: 1-7 Aug 09

A lot of good stuff, with a lot of useful links; but kind of long, so click on the ‘More…’ link to see the full list:

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The trust economy

Still playing catch-up, but in the meantime I’ll post some of the links I’ve been accumulating over the past few weeks. These are some on the specific issue of trust in business, and the development of awareness about a ‘trust-based

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