Oops… badly behind on this, definitely need to do some catch-up. Oh well. A somewhat-delayed collection of Tweets and links, anyway. Usual this-that-and-the-other, with first the usual ‘Read more…’ link:

Catch-up time again, with another (somewhat delayed) week’s-worth of Tweets and links. Usual sort-of-categories in the usual sort-of way, with the usual no-quite-sort-of ‘Read more…’ link first:

Oops… running late again… apologies. Here it is, anyway: another week’s collection of Tweets and links, somewhat delayed. Hope it’s useful to someone, anyway. Usual categories, of course, after the ‘Read more…’ break.

Almost catching up, for once – not quite a full week late. Here it is anyway: another week’s collection of Tweets and links, shuffled into the respective categories (or not, as the case may be). And, of course, the necessary …

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One of these weeks I’ll catch up… Yes, iit’s the previous week’s collection of Tweets and links, sorted into the usual categories (or non-categories) and, of course, preceded by that all-too-necessary ‘Read more…’ link:

It’s a week. Another week. Gosh. This one starts from 5th June, as the page-header suggests. Make of it what you will. Usual categories, usual ‘Read more…’ link: what more could you ask?