Another week and – here in southern Australia at least – one of extreme contrasts, with very heavy rainfall followed by blistering sunshine. Not sure if the same is true of the week’s collection of Tweets and links, but find …

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A somewhat smaller collection of Tweets and links this time – mainly because people are heading off into their various holiday-seasons, I guess. Same categories as usual, though, preceded by the usual ‘Read more…’ link.

Finally catching up, though my cold is still such that I’m at risk of dripping into the keyboard – oh joys… 🙁 Still, I do promise to return to other (more useful?) posts shortly – there’s quite a backlog built …

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Slipping back a bit – combination of travel, bad jetlag and an even worse cold… 🙁 Oh well. Anyway, another week’s-worth of Tweets and links, as usual, for whoever might find them useful.

And finally close to catch-up (if I haven’t slipped again) – another week’s worth of Tweets and links. Lots of new stuff, of course, though nothing new as such in the categories, nor in the ‘Read more…’ link: