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Bending reality (short version)

Do you believe in magic? Most people don’t. But this isn’t about magic as such – it’s about belief: in particular, Gooch’s Paradox, that “things not only have to be seen to be believed, but also have to be believed to

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Bending reality

Do you believe in magic? [Yep, this one is long – more than 7000 words, or long even by my somewhat-extreme standards for blogging. But there are good reasons why it needs to be this long, as you’ll discover later – and

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More on backbone and edge

How do we build the right support in our architectures for the balance between certainty and uncertainty? How do we decide what needs to go into backbone, edge, or somewhere in between? This is a follow-on to the themes in

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“Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?”

“The world still reels from the fallout from the crisis of 2008 :: Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?” Those are the frame-captions for a cartoon-style advert that’s currently running on the Forbes website, for an upcoming conference

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Working with ‘I don’t know’

How do we work on something when we don’t know what to do? Where do we start? How do we start? How do we keep going? I had some useful first-hand experience with this earlier this week. Some while back, I’d

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On working with uncertainty

Yes, I know I tend to write long; some others, though, tend to write such short Twitter-length phrases that there’s a real risk that what they say may be lost in the noise. Here’s a real example of something that

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