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Enterprise-architecture – which way forward?

Which way forward for enterprise-architecture? It’s common to think of enterprise-architecture (EA) as a discipline that’s mainly about getting the best use of the organisation’s IT. Yet whilst, yes, most job-descriptions for EA these days will still revolve around some

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Two recent EA conferences – Unicom and BAEA

Need to do a bit of a catch-up on recent activity – a lot’s been going on, but it’s only now that I’m having a few scraps of time to write it all down. Two key items have been a

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At Unicom-EA 2013

Another week, another conference? Yes, I know it does sometimes seem a bit like that, but that’s part of what I do – getting the word out about enterprise-architecture, particularly at the larger whole-enterprise scope. This time it was in

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At Unicom EA: breaking free from IT-centrism

A big shift in enterprise-architecture indicated at a relatively-small but increasingly-important conference: that was my impression of Unicom EA 2012 in London late last week. At first glance, there might seem nothing much that’s particularly new or different in the

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