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Small detail, big impact

“Just type the tracking-number into the Google address-bar”, he said. “It’ll take you straight to the Fedex website, without all the hassle of going through the website itself.” Good advice. And good point, too: always make things easier for the

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“Please don’t touch the touchscreen”

A bleakly-amusing example of what can go wrong when we focus too much on the technology rather than the whole context… “Please don’t touch the touchscreen” – okay, they didn’t actually say that, but in practice it’s pretty close. And some

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More on identity and Mask

Who or what is ‘I’? How does our experience of ‘I’ change as we interact with our world? Yes, I do know that those questions might seem to fit more in philosophy or psychology. But as per the previous post,

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More on that enterprise-architecture 'help needed'

Given the responses to my previous post ‘Guess I could do with some help here…‘, seems it’d be useful if I clarify a bit more what kind of help I most need. (Or we need, rather, as an industry and

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