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RBPEA: A taste for value

As enterprise-architecture expands outward (see video) to a much broader scope and scale (see video), we’ll need a different kind of anchor for the architecture itself: less on means such as IT or money, more on aims, ends and purpose. In short, a

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On value-governance

What do I mean, when I talk about ‘value-governance’ in an enterprise-architecture sense? In Enterprise Canvas, what does that ‘Value Governance’ cell represent? What do its services actually do, for the service, the organisation and the overall enterprise? This one’s for

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Price, value and Glasgow School of Art

If you want to understand the difference between price and value, look no further than the tragedy unfolding today in Glasgow: the Glasgow School of Art – Charles Rennie Mackintosh‘s great masterpiece of Art Nouveau – going up in flames. This Wikimedia photo gives

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Like magic…

What is magic? And how would it apply in enterprise-architecture? Don’t worry – I haven’t gone crazy! (Well, not completely crazy, anyway…) It’s just I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately on that classic phrase by Arthur C Clarke, that

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Price, value, worth and cost

It didn’t look like much. Not worth much, certainly. It had been a gift from a friend, a former colleague: I’d had it for years, kept it reasonably safe in an old battered ring-case, until finally it was lost somewhere.

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Price, value and ‘the market’

How do we make sense of ‘value’ in enterprise-architecture – particularly when we introduce the economists’ notion of ‘the market’ into the picture? In the midst of the same LinkedIn discussion on capability and suchlike, mentioned in the previous post

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Money, price and value in EA (shorter version)

The previous post on ‘Money, price and value in enterprise-architecture‘ was kinda long, so here’s a (somewhat) shorter summary: Background It’s fundamentally important that enterprise-architectures should incorporate the following assertions: there are many other forms of value besides money in

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Money, price and value in enterprise-architecture

To my mind, the way that most people seem to handle the relationships between money, price and value in enterprise-architecture and EA models is, frankly, an utter shambles. So let’s get a few things straight here: there are many other

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Modelling mixed-value in Enterprise Canvas

One of the more subtle problems in enterprise-architecture – in English-language, anyway – is the distinction between values (plural) and value (singular, but often used as plural). The Enterprise Canvas frame provides several useful methods via to disentangle an existing values-mess, and

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Using Business Model Canvas for non-profits

How do we use Alex Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas for the business of a not-for-profit organisation? Or, for that matter, the non-monetary aspects of a commercial organisation? Over the past while have been asked by quite a few folks – Shawn

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