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Why before who

Does the customer always come first? Do customer-needs drive everything? For that matter, is the customer always right? There’s been quite a lot of promotion of such ideas in my Twitter-stream lately, but I kinda have my doubts on all

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Enterprise as story: a cafe example

How can we use a vision or story as the anchor for an organisation’s business and enterprise? How do we link that story to decisions and actions in everyday business? This is a theme that came up in a great

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Marketing and the service-oriented enterprise

As the economy shifts ever onward from manufacturing toward services, how do marketing and market-relationships need to change with this shift? And what enterprise-architectures do we need to support this? [In part this is a follow-on from Dave Gray‘s excellent

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For or against?

Looking at your enterprise vision – or any kind of future intent – is it defined in terms of being for something? Or against something? That distinction can sometimes seem subtle – yet it’s very important indeed… On the surface, it

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What I do and how I do it

What do I do, and how do I do it? What’s the nature of my work, and the methods that I use? And for that matter, why? That’s perhaps the shortest summary to a request by Anthony Draffin, in a comment

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What is the enterprise in 'the enterprise'?

When we talk about enterprise-architecture, what is ‘the enterprise’? For that matter, what is ‘enterprise’? Seems they’d be fairly foundational questions, yet most of the answers we see seem, well, kinda thin… If we hunt around on the net, we’ll

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Using Business Model Canvas for non-profits

How do we use Alex Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas for the business of a not-for-profit organisation? Or, for that matter, the non-monetary aspects of a commercial organisation? Over the past while have been asked by quite a few folks – Shawn

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Where marketing meets enterprise-architecture

Rethinking the enterprise from a customer-centric perspective was another theme that came up in that conversation with Robert Phipps last week, in this case with a bit of virtual help from Chris Potts. The ‘conventional’ way of viewing an enterprise

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Respect as an architectural issue (IRM-EAC 2011)

I had an excellent time at the IRM-EAC 2011 conference in London this past week. Part of that was because Sally Bean and Roger Burlton had had the courage to bring their previously-separate EA (architecture) and BPM (process) conferences together,

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Strategy, tactics, operations and emotion

This one’s been brewing for a while, but the final trigger to get it down in writing was a tweet from yesterday evening: RT @vernaallee: RT @timkastelle: Good post & important point by @jorgebarba – It matters how you play

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