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A great conversation yesterday with Australian facilitator Helena Read, around the word ‘belonging’, and how it links with vision and enterprise-vision. In the enterprise, vision is the anchor for everything: the quality-system, the business-purpose, the enterprise itself. It’s a very

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Tackling uniqueness in enterprise-architectures

There’s a core theme that reaches right to the heart of every enterprise-architecture: what is the appropriate tradeoff between sameness versus uniqueness? The classic Taylorist solution has been to emphasise extreme sameness: to force everything – and everyone – to be

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Complexity, chaos and enterprise-architecture

Courtesy of a link by fellow enterprise-architect Sally Bean, I’ve just spent the past couple of hours viewing and then reviewing an online seminar on complexity by one of the thought-leaders on complexity-theory and practice, Dave Snowden: From Induction to

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Motivation to learn: "Love is a better master than duty"

Came across this comment whilst exploring laptop.org.au, the Australian arm of the One Laptop Per Child movement [my emphasis]: Learning is our main goal. … Epistemologists from John Dewey to Paulo Freire to Seymour Papert agree that you learn through

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Slideshare #4: Vision, role, mission, goal

Vision, Role, Mission, Goal: a framework for business motivation View more OpenOffice presentations from Tom Graves.

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