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Pervasives and the VSM algedonic link

How do we keep on track to enterprise purpose? Perhaps more to the point, how can we know when we’re falling off-track, in time to recover? To me, one of the keys here is the perhaps least-known part of the

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At ‘EA and Systems-Thinking’ conference

For enterprise-architecture and systems-thinking alike, how can we reach towards the opposite of their too-common anti-pattern – all those endless ‘academic’ arguments on LinkedIn? More to the point, how can we bring it out of the abstract, and down into

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Requisite-variety and stormy weather

Just how much of a law is Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety? Our answers to that question – and likely there’ll be many of them – are fundamental to how we handle key architectural concepts or requirements such as management,

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Mapping architectures to the Viable System Model

Been thinking of another way to distinguish between enterprise architecture (the real ‘whole of enterprise’ form, not IT-architecture masquerading as ‘enterprise’ architecture) and business architecture, because at first glance they seem to cover much the same scope. Perhaps the simplest

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Viable System Model and Group Dynamics cycle

I’m currently trundling my way through writing the next book, The Service Oriented Enterprise – still on-track for publication at the end of this month, I’m delighted to say – and came across an interesting point about Stafford Beer’s Viable

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