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Yabbies story-fragment: 'Mishie'

Most of the Yabbies novel is made up of story-fragments that in principle could come together in any sequence: we make sense of them in whatever way we choose. What follows is perhaps my favourite story-fragment, “Mishie’. (A gentle reminder

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Yabbies – a bit of background

All right, I admit it: my novel Yabbies doesn’t say much about real-life yabbies. In fact they only put in one cameo appearance in the whole book: “Yabbies. Funny little things, all in their own world at the bottom of

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Yabbies – a novel

Happy to announce that I’ve at last gotten round to publishing my sort-of-novel Yabbies. Hooray! 🙂 (I perhaps ought to say ‘completed and published’, but as you’ll see, ‘completing’ isn’t quite the right word, since much of the content is

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