In the damp spaces of the days, when I can’t play tourist, I’ve been hacking at content for a book I’ve been brewing for a couple of years now: Mythquake.

Basic idea is straightforward: there’s a direct metaphor between tectonic plates and the mythic ground beneath our social world. When the physical world shakes and moves, we call it an earthquake; when the mythic ground moves, we could call it a mythquake. In both cases, it’s not the movement as such that’s the problem, but the collapse of the stories that we build upon them. And it looks like we’re heading for ‘the Big One’ – a real humdinger of a mythquake – Real Soon Now…

A couple of chapters of the first draft done so far this week: should be on track to complete by the end of the month. And some chance to get simultaneous publication in English and Portuguese, too. Watch this space? 🙂

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