TWoPS at first-hand

Been somewhat withdrawn over the past couple of weeks, struggling to deal with one of the more stupid consequences of TWoPS (That WOrst Possible System) – namely getting paid work, which I ‘must’ do in order to be able to operate in this insane society.

I’m a theorist and a generalist – both of which are bad attributes to have in a culture that’s obsessed with partitioning everything into vertical ‘silos’, and needs to have everything predefined in order to maximise the possible ‘between-taker’ cut from each person’s work. And it’s incredibly hard to put a conventional money-based value on what I do, because it’s so unpredictable: for example, one of my clients redesigned his entire business around two words – “trusted intermediary” – that I happened to come out with in describing another process entirely (privacy management, in that example). As a result, I waste months and months looking for roles with conventional descriptions like ‘business analyst’, and when I finally do get a job – which is made even harder because, as a generalist, I seem to be a specialist in nothing – and then at last get a chance to do my real work – the work that in practice they really do want me to do – which is find out what the gaps are, and find ways to bridge them. If they don’t panic at the size of the gaps that I show them, that is, and indulge instead in the ever-popular game of ‘shoot the messenger’…

An insane waste of time, effort, life. Just because TWoPS permits no space to just get on with things in an efficient, effective manner.


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