Book-draft is complete

Rushing to get everything ready for the trip to Sydney this evening, but I have completed the first draft of the enterprise-architecture book.

Working-title is “Real Enterprise-Architecture: Beyond IT to the whole enterprise“. You’ll find the PDF here – though warning that it’s a bit large (almost 3Mb).

(There’s also a Word .DOC available – please ask if you need it, though you’ll appreciate I ain’t keen on leaving it out in public places as yet!)

Comments/suggestions much-appreciated – as soon as possible, please, as I want to get physical copies done by POD in time for the TOGAF conference in Paris in late April.

3 Comments on “Book-draft is complete

  1. Are you offering? 🙂

    (Be interested to see your comments, anyway – I think you’ll agree it’s a fair bit broader than TOGAF, as promised, but it may not be IT-enough for your taste?)

  2. In the spirit of an accelerated response to your book given your publishing schedule. I did a brief scan of the book this morning and found it very engaging.

    There are a number of places where the subject of motivation comes in. You may consider including one of the best resources I’ve found on this subject which is the Business Rules Group’s Business Motivation Model. Here is the link:

    I apologize if this is already in the text and I missed it on my initial scan.

    I am looking forward to giving your book a deeper read over the next few weeks. Great work! -Bill

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