Music matters

Rushing to finish off both the book and the presentation in time for the TOGAF Paris conference, but I do need to do something else to maintain sanity between over-long sessions at the keyboard!

In my case the main sanity-saver is music – and for me music isn’t just a spectator-sport. For this trip, sadly, I wasn’t able to lug along my beloved bass-flute, but I’ve made do with an ordinary el-cheapo concert-flute and a new toy, a Xaphoon – a kind of cross between a recorder, a clarinet and saxophone.

My first serious attempt at a reed-instrument, hence a lot of truly horrible noises at present – but hey, I’m just about managing to do almost-credible covers of simple classics like Summertime and, uh, The Saints Go Marchin’ In. My usual folk-stuff is a fair bit harder as it needs tricky cross-fingerings for F#, G# and even plain ordinary B, but I’s a-gettin’ there. 🙂 Just be thankful that you’re on the other side of a digital divide and can’t hear the mess I’m making, is all… 🙂

3 comments on “Music matters
  1. Linda says:


    We made it out to our storage shed last week, and Don found his flute.

    I still have for penny whistles.

    I sense potential here.

  2. Peter Tse... says:

    Welcome back down under TG. Drop me a line.

    Peter T

  3. HJ says:

    I just returned from the national folk festival, got to see Kristina Olsen and Keith Donnelly (Jordie comedian who played a mini-guitar – very funny!) I would recommend the Woodford Folk Festival, as it is precious and further off the beaten track/ better time of year – during our summer.
    I heard there was something in Whitby, a very pretty little place!
    Happy Hols!

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