A good conference

Heading homeward after the TOGAF enterprise-architecture conference in Paris. Went well, I think – which it needed to, given the frightening amount of money I spent to get there from Aus! A sense that the field is in somewhat of turmoil at the moment – which is good, because what’s happening is that we’re finally dislodging the previous obsessive assertion that enterprise-architecture ‘is’ IT.

Took part in a few sessions on this, particularly about dissuading the architecture-forum crew from bodging together a pseudo-fix for TOGAF’s problems by changing the overall structure of the Architecture Design Method. The ADM is one part of TOGAF which does work well: the flaws are in the content and some of the base-assumptions, not the structure. Also gratifying that quite a few people said my presentation had been the best one there, especially in terms of its content and its pragmatism – a nice change, given I’m so often accused of being an abstract theorist!

Didn’t get to see much of Paris, though. 🙁 Oh well, there’ll be a next time somewhen!

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