Inventing Reality back in print

Delighted to say that a new book-format edition of my 1986 monograph “Inventing Reality: towards a magical technology” has just been released.

It’s available from Grey House – GBP7.95,

Publisher info is as follows:

Grey House in the Woods
PO Box 8211, Girvan, Ayrshire, KA26 0WA, Scotland

Many thanks to Graeme Talboys, who’s struggled through the joys of system-crashes and many other trials and tribulations to get this out. (I don’t think words can express how much I admire his persistence in this – I feel greatly honoured that he’s worked so hard on this project, so please buy the book to thank him for me!)

This new edition extends the 1996 online edition with a new chapter, ‘Round The Bend’, which uses the twists and turns of the traditional labyrinth to describe the process of learning new skills. Beyond that I have made only a few minor edits, to correct date references and the like, and the two quadrant diagrams in Chapter 3 have been redrawn (the original 1986 printed book, for reasons which were never explained, had contained the rough drawings rather than the finished artwork provided). Otherwise the text is much the same as the 1986 original.


2 Comments on “Inventing Reality back in print

  1. Hurra! as we say here in Sweden.
    It´s a shame its been out of print for such a long, long time.
    The only odd thing is why a druid publisher chose to publish it? A bit Wyrd, isn´t it?! 😉

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