Back in Blighty

Now back in Colchester, England, after the successful completion of my enterprise-architecture gig with NSW Dept of Community Services.

And of course not only have a serious dose of jetlag to contend with, but a vile cold too – another free gift from the flight… 🙁

So give me a couple of days to recover, then a whole lot of new stuff to report.

One, of course, is the Zachman/TOGAF integration, to extend that style of enterprise-architecture beyond the usual IT-centric bounds and out into the enterprise proper. Given sufficient time and sanity I should be able to have that available in mini-book form by the end of this month.

Another is a rethink of the stereotype hierarchy of ‘data > information > knowledge > wisdom’ that’s still prevalent in knowledge-management circles. Basic idea here is that it isn’t a hierarchy at all: it’s a specific sequence of views into what is actually a set of dimensions of knowledge-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Again, more later when sanity permits – but within the next couple of days, I promise.

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