The perils of pendulums?

Off to the British Society of Dowsers annual conference this weekend – looking forward to meeting up with Paul Devereux and other long-time friends and colleagues from (yikes!) twenty to thirty or more years ago. The BSD have perhaps foolishly asked me to present, so I’ll be revisiting the theme of the role of theory in dowsing – “half-baked or overcooked?” – that I did for the American Society of Dowsers west-coast conference the best part of a decade ago. More on that later if anyone’s interested.

Only worry is that it’s been a long time since I’ve pushed a pendulum around in earnest: kind of been side-tracked on other ideas for the past couple of decades. Guess I can trust that it’ll all come back to me somehow, like riding a bicycle, but I’m all too aware that those sort-of-senses are more than a little rusty these days!

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