The return of Mr Grumpy

Yesterday was not a good day. Started off with the usual trivial matters – a chaser for a big bill that I’d forgotten about, that sort of thing. Then struggled and struggled with the current part of my NaNoWriMo project, taking all the way through mid-afternoon to reconstruct half a thousand words from a piece from the previous Yabbies script. (My daily target needs to be something more like four times that much. I’m still on track to complete before the end of the month, but only just.) And in the meantime I can’t think straight about other stuff I need to do – like the itSMF chapter, on which I need to get moving Real Soon Now. Frustrating, of course, but nothing worse than usual, really.

So with acheing limbs I climb out of my chair – which promptly spins round and flips over, dumping me on the ground. Humph. Ow. Knee and wrist both banged and bruised, but nothing much more than injured pride. Except… yup, I’d been holding my glasses. Which are now well and truly bent up. Beyond usability. Oh joy.

So I go ‘home’ – i.e. Mother’s house, where I’ve been staying here in Britain. And in moving some stuff for her visiting great-grand-kids, I drop a whiteboard on my toe. With open-toed sandals. Ow. Definitely ‘ow’.

Again, no great disaster. But Mr Grumpy is well in evidence, and will probably be around for the next couple of days or so, I guess, until things settle down again.


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  1. Well…poo!

    I was thinking of you this weekend…Don and I went up to Calistoga, which I’d only ever been through before when we went on the road trip up to the redwoods. Good memories. 🙂

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