NaNoWriMo again

Okay, that one’s done. 🙂

I ‘finished’ my NaNoWriMo ‘novel’ about three days ago, by the rather too simple expedient of ‘novelising’ about half of the previous Yabbies filmscript. Cheating, I know, but I needed a relatively-complete set of material to give to a friend for review, and this was the only way I could do it in the time.

Grand total 64951 words so far, of which – at a guess – around one-third was genuinely new material, one-third reworked from the original Yabbies website ‘non-narrative fiction’ material, and one-third novelisation.

Now comes the hard part… 🙂 …reworking the whole lot, probably not far off from scratch, to make it into something that actually makes sense. Again at a guess, that’ll mean a lot more of the small first-person first-hand vignettes, quite a bit more on my background protagonist Don Mercer and some of the related political / social stuff, and a major rethink of the entire storyline for my main character Steve Hallam. It’ll be several months at least, but I think it’ll be worth it. Might even be publishable at the end – who knows? 🙂

Will aim to put some of it up on the TomGraves website soon, anyway – that’s long overdue for a refurbishment in any case.

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  1. Off-topic: I saw at the Tetradian Website that you (Tom Graves) are their principal consultant. Is their tetradisim particularly deep-seated? A tetrad of ideas shown in a graphic there are not far from one of mine. Are you the driving force of tetradism there? Or is that more their thing than yours? I.e., who or what should I add to my list of “four-ists”? (There’s not exactly a forest of us fourists.)

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