EA and the Content Economy

Following the trail of links from a starting-point provided by David Gurteen‘s knowledge-management newsletter brought me to a collective of IT-related types in Sweden (I think?) who post to a blog called The Content Economy.

Very much worth reading, from a ‘real enterprise architecture’ perspective: they’ve clearly been thinking along the same sort of lines, although their starting-point has been somewhat different from mine. Some examples:

  • Enterprise 2.0 and the shrinking IT department – “there really are no IT projects, only business projects with more or less IT involved. Even an upgrade of a mail server is done for some business reason. In such a reality, IT experts that lack a business mindset do not function very well. Nor does an enterprise that relies on these persons to make or heavily influence their decisions about IT.”
  • The Value of Architecture – “The value of Enterprise Architecture is zero, if you have an enterprise that exists in a complete static environment, without any need for improvement”; “Enterprise Architecture is a vehicle for risk mitigation”; “Enterprise architecture is how to describe the situation today, how it will look tomorrow and how we will get there in a controlled way”.
  • What is Enterprise Architecture? – “Architecture is the art of matching requirements with constraints in complex situations”.

So much good stuff there that probably the simplest approach is to trawl through their key categories as a block, especially:

My hats off to those guys: it’s been great to discover I’m not so alone in my thinking as I’d feared. Now to put it into practice…

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