Work in progress – an overview

Been kind of hiding again, I guess: partly yet another oh-no-not-again cold – something to do with this house, I think, or just the fact of joyous English weather? –  and partly because I’m once again trying to hold together way too many things in my head.

Will summarise in posts to separate categories so that you can keep just to the categories that interest you. As usual, though, I’m trying to do too much at once, with the inevitable result that not that much actually gets done. 🙂 But here’s a quick overview:

  • enterprise-architecture and similar business-related stuff: still working on the Bridging the Silos mini-book on ‘enterprise-architecture for IT-architects’; finding an appropriate theme for a presentation at the next TOGAF conference in April (if they’ll have me!); nibbling away at ways to make the SEMPER diagnostic more accessible; looking at an update and formal publication for the Human Side of Systems [PDF, 396kb] mini-book; brewing ideas for yet another mini-book on the enterprise-architecture and the ‘service-oriented enterprise’, expanding on the themes in the itSMF book-chapter; and, yeah, looking for ways to actually make a living again from this stuff… :wrygrin:
  • sociopolitical and socioeconomic stuff: generally speaking, the Yabbies scenario (i.e. a responsibility-based societal model), plus adaptation of the SEMPER diagnostic to ‘the enterprise’ at the whole-of-society level; a film-script for a comedy based on the Home Economics material; and a potential seminar for a group of students at a sustainability course in Ireland, on integration of all of this stuff
  • earth-mysteries and related stuff: mainly the new chapters for the new edition of Needles of Stone, but also preparation for the Megalithomania conference in May, and possible joint work with ‘archaeographer’ Liz Poraj-Wilczynska (and perhaps others) at Belas Knap and other sites
  • publishing: setting up a ‘Tetradian’ publishing arm for the material which doesn’t fit into others’ existing lists – particularly the enterprise architecture / whole of enterprise mini-books

Looking at the sheer size of that list, perhaps it’s no surprise I’m feeling somewhat frazzled these days? 🙂

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