Needles of Stone available again

Graeme Talboys at Grey House In The Woods tells me that his new ’30th Anniversary Edition’ of Needles of Stone has just gone off to press.

The new edition has two new chapters:

  • Looking back – a chapter-by-chapter review of changes (good, bad and sometimes outright ugly) in the earth-mysteries scene over the past three decades
  • Looking forward – a review of some issues such as ‘newage’ and ‘golden-age’ myths that are crippling current research in the earth-mysteries field, and suggestions about which aspects of the domain seem most likely to yield worthwhile results in the next few decades

It’ll retail at £12.95. Order direct from Grey House via their website at – or pick up a copy at the launch at the Megalithomania conference in Glastonbury in May.

Support Your Local Friendly Earth-Mysteries Theorist – Buy Now!! 🙂

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