'Elements of Pendulum Dowsing' coming back in print

Cover for ‘Elements of Pendulum Dowsing’ book

This is the current draft for the cover of the new edition of my 1989 book Elements of Pendulum Dowsing, to go out as the first in my new ‘Tetradian Alternate Realities’ series.

Editing and layout and the like are all complete; I’m just waiting on a proof-copy before sending it to press.

Still on track to launch at the Megalithomania conference in Glastonbury in mid-May.

Aim is to retail at £9.95 inc. P&P – perhaps a little high, for 128 pages, but hey, it is a classic, and (though I say it myself) still one of the best books out there… But should it go out at £8.95 instead? (It’s a POD book, so I can’t afford to do it for less – apologies! – though there will also be an e-book version soon.) Comments / suggestions, anyone?

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