'Dowser's Workbook' coming back in print

Cover for ‘Dowsers Workbook’

This is the current draft for the cover of the new edition of my 1989 book The Dowser’s Workbook (also known as Discover Dowsing). The aim is that it’ll come out, together with Pendulum Dowsing, as the first in my new ‘Tetradian Alternate Realities’ series.

Again, as with Pendulum, it’s ready to go once the proof-copy comes back, so ready to launch together with Pendulum and the Grey House ’30th Anniversary Edition’ of Needles at my presentation at Megalithomania.
Turns out to be almost the same size as Pendulum – 132 pages rather than 128 – so will aim also retail at £9.95 inc. P&P. But again, should it go out at £8.95 instead? Comments / suggestions, anyone?

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