In the area of enterprise-architecture I work in – i.e. real enterprise-level architecture – a real sense of a shift happening since the last TOGAF conference I went to in Paris last year.

Last time it was an almost impossible uphill struggle to get anyone to think outside of the IT-only box. A few people got it, but they were in a tiny minority: probably most regarded me as some kind of overly-passionate nutcase. (Okay, probably true 🙂 but you get the point.)

This time I’ve had a fair number of people come up to me and say that the approach I’ve been taking is the right way to go. We need to understand whole-of-enterprise, in a holographic sense, at even a minimal level of detail, before we can do any IT-architecture successfully. The term ‘business architecture’ is starting to be used to mean architecture of the business – the architecture of purpose – rather than as a generalised grab-bag for ‘everything not-IT’. Phrases like ‘ecosystem’ and ‘fractal’ are starting to appear. At last.

In other words, not so insanely far ahead of the market-understanding as I’ve so often been: and I’m actually getting some respect from several of the real players here that I have done real trail-blazing in the space, providing a framework and process to expand the potential market to its real and very much larger size.

Feels good.

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