‘SEMPER’ book published

SEMPER book cover

I’ve now published the next in my ‘Tetradian Enterprise Architecture’ series, SEMPER and SCORE: enhancing enterprise effectiveness. Details on the Tetradian Books website – see here for the book-info, and here for the free-download PDF e-book.

It includes a full description of the Tetradian / SEMPER framework, the SCORE replacement for the classic SWOT strategic assessment technique, and both variants of the SEMPER metric / diagnostic – the simpler SEMPER-5 and the more detailed SEMPER-11.

SEMPER measures ‘ability to do work’ in the broadest sense – probably the key metric for whole-of-enterprise architecture, and for enhancing effectiveness at the whole-of-enterprise level.

I’ve also restructured SEMPER-5 slightly so that it ties in more closely with the whole-of-enterprise architecture framework that I used in Real Enterprise Architecture.

Yup, there’s been a lot of work gone into all of that. Share and enjoy, perhaps?

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