Still un-blundering…

Continuing the fixups from my mildly embarrassing blunder with e-book downloads on Tetradian Books – looks like I didn’t get it right that time either. 🙁

Looks like it may have been a case of Read The Fine Manual… oops. Definitely embarrassing.

So I dearly hope that this time, having read the proper instructions for the Drain Hole download-manager, and put in the proper embedded codes rather than an assumed URL, it might now actually work. Let me know, if you would?

Many thanks – and apologies, too.

Addendum, 16 July: finally discovered that the read-access permissions were set to default to Administrator-only. Have now reset this to ‘Anyone’, so should now at last work – please please please? I’ve tested it in a whole bunch of different ways, and the only one that doesn’t seem to work, on some systems only, is direct (left-click) view in Internet Explorer. If in doubt, use ‘right click and save’.

Apologies again for the blunders – oh well.

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