Another non-IT-centric EA link

Following up on my conversation with Chris Potts, a link to another enterprise-architecture group, the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation – see Clicking on the ‘What we believe’ link on their home-page brought up this statement:

We believe that the essence of a successfull enterprise lies in the way in which the vision of an enterprise is translated into the very fabric of the enterprise – into everything a company does.

We believe that Enterprise Architecture is a business discipline that is concerned with the consistent alignment of the structure and dynamics of the Enterprise with its vision.

We believe that collaborative teams of individuals are the heart of every organisation and by helping professionals in the field of Enterprise Architecture to become the best they can be, we will succeed.

Very much the same line that I’ve been promoting, then – that ‘enterprise’ means whole of enterprise, not just its IT.

And given my previous comments about EA in ‘small countries’ vs ‘big countries’, I’m not at all surprised to find that they originated in New Zealand (see their ‘Where we started’ link).

Gonna follow this one up in more detail, methinks.

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