A minor email disaster

Kind of on a par with “the dog ate my homework”, I suppose. Though in this case it was Thunderbird, which ate my TomGraves email folder. Ouch.

(Technical detail: I think what happened was that I pushed it once too often when it was displaying the extremely irritating yet inexplicable ‘you can’t get your email ‘cos this folder is busy’ message. Dunno exactly, since no-one seems to know why that message is displayed, and it only ever happened with that one folder.)

I have a backup, of sorts. But it’s a fair way out of date – of course. 16 July 08 was the last email that’s listed there.

So to be on the safe side, if you sent an email after 14 July to any of the TomGraves domains – .org, .eu or .com.au – and you haven’t yet had a reply (a likely possibility – sorry… 🙁 ), please send it again, and I’ll get back to you straight away. Thanks.

“These things are sent to try us”, etcetera…

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