A sense of nothingness

More than time I wrote something new to this weblog, but nothing much to report, really. A sense of nothingness; a between-ness, a limbo, waiting for the next thing to wake up, but nothing quite getting going right now.

There’s quite a lot brewing on in the background. Still way too early days for any response to the new book, of course – there’ve been a few downloads from the publishing website, but it isn’t even available at the online-retailers as yet – though a lot of prep-work to do for the archaeology-survey work that’ll go with the launch at the British Society of Dowsers conference weekend after next. (I’m off to Cirencester tomorrow to do some of the planning for that.)

I’m kind of dithering between at least five more books that are on the go right now:

  • finishing off Bridging the Silos – it’s way overdue by now, and the next critical date for it is the next TOGAF conference in Munich at the end of October
  • doing prep-work for the successor to Silos in the Enterprise Architecture series, on the ‘service-oriented enterprise’
  • yet another re-work and re-think of the Yabbies material, on sustainability and social change – this version moving towards something similar to Pratchett, Cohen and Stewart’s Science of Discworld series, using a mix of fiction and desriptive text
  • finding the courage to publish, in the Social Challenges series, the Duluth rewrite and some of my other material on more realistic approaches to resolving domestic violence (such as the long-abandoned No Fallen Angels, and the first-hand interviews with men in abusive relationships) – it’s pretty much all ready to go, but I’ll admit I’m very scared about the probable response from the ‘cuckoos’ and their hangers-on (kind of ironic, the vituperative violence of those women who so vehemently purport that no woman is ever violent… hey ho… 🙁 )
  • following on from a great conversation yesterday with a couple of mature students from sociology and politics at Essex University, reawakening Mythquake as the third in the old Wyrd series – which would also mean I ought to re-issue the first two, Positively Wyrd and Wyrd Allies, though they’re ready to go right now anyway

On top of all of that, I’m off to the Troux Directions enterprise-architecture conference in London on Thursday – keeping my hand in the field, my name in the ring, refreshing contacts with ‘the trade’, all that stuff – and I hope will also get Silos moving again… 🙂

So yeah, a lot going on right now, and a lot I need to do. So guess which of those actually get done over the past few days? Yup, that’s right – none of them… hey ho… :wrygrin:

Post-getting-book-off-to-press blues, I guess. (Well, that’s my excuse, anyways, an’ I’s stickin’ to it… 🙂 )

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