Off to Munich

I hadn’t intended to go to TOGAF Munich this week, but a chance email from Jos van Oosten (the lead for the SqEME process framework, over in the Netherlands) got me glancing at the conference agenda – and what I saw there sent me scurrying to search the web for suitable flights. It was previously advertised as being solely about system security – which isn’t my bag at all – but the Tuesday sessions suggest that they’re at last breaking out of the IT-centric rut and getting to grips with whole-of-enterprise architecture – which would be very good news if so… So yup, I’s headin’ there kinda quick to find out, and see which way that wind is blowing.

One side-effect is that I’ve rather hurriedly ‘staked my claim’ to the rework I’ve done on adapting the TOGAF Architectural Design Method (ADM) for use at the whole-of-enterprise scope, with a two-page / single-sheet reference-sheet now posted up on the Tetradian Books website. (Doing this before their conference presentations should verify that I did indeed get there first. 🙂 ) More on that in the next post. Some time in the near future I’ll also post an equivalent ‘cheat-sheet’ for the revised Zachman framework for whole-of-enterprise architecture.

And although I’m still some weeks away from completing Bridging the Silos, I’ll also post an updated draft on the publishing website, to include the material I’ve slowly been adding over the past few months. Apologies that it’s taken so long, but I’s been kinda distracted… 🙂

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