Last chance to download?

Some very good news from my side: I’ve had a preliminary offer by a well-known IT-industry publisher to market and sell the print and e-book editions of the books in my Tetradian Books ‘Enterprise Architecture’ series. The catch for you is that once the deal goes ahead, in the next week or so, you’ll no longer be able to download for free the whole book-content from the Tetradian Books website. There’ll continue to be sample-chapters on the site, but not the whole book.

Still awaiting confirmation, but this will probably affect all the following titles:

  • Real Enterprise Architecture: beyond IT to the whole enterprise
  • Bridging the Silos: enterprise-architecture for IT architects (yes, I know it still isn’t complete, but it’s almost ready now, and will go on release as soon as it is)
  • SEMPER and SCORE: enhancing enterprise effectiveness
  • Power and Response-ability: the human side of systems

(It won’t affect any of the other books, such as the new Disciplines of Dowsing – it’s just the enterprise-architecture series.)

So if you want a free PDF of any of those books above, better download it quick: this next few days may be the last chance you get. 🙂

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