Last-chance confirmed

(Reminder that this ‘last chance’ is only about the Enterprise Architecture series on the Tetradian Books website – not the Alternate Realities series such as Disciplines of Dowsing.)

Received the e-book publishing contract yesterday, and is dated to begin 10 November (Monday – i.e. tomorrow). To comply with that, I’ll be preparing stripped-down versions of the existing e-books during today, and will replace the existing complete ones at about 9am GMT tomorrow morning. So today is your last chance to download complete free versions of the following e-books:

The links will still work: but they’ll point to PDF files of sample-chapters, not the whole content.

Full details of where and how to purchase the e-books to follow in a future post: but I believe the price will be around £25.00 per copy, the same as the respective printed books.

At present you’ll still be able to download complete free e-books in the other series (Alternate Realities, Social Challenges and General Books). From now on, though, all books in the business-oriented Enterprise Architecture series – such as the upcoming The Viable Enterprise: enterprise architecture and the service-oriented enterprise – will go straight to full-price e-book as well as printed book.

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