Drowning in data

Currently overdue (of course?) with an article for Paul Devereux, for his new formal journal Time & Mind (‘The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture’). Working with my colleague Liz Poraj-Wilczynska, the aim is to present the same general ideas as in Disciplines of Dowsing, but for a more archaeology-oriented audience, and illustrated with much more of Liz’s work at Belas Knap.

The catch is that although the journal pushes the envelope a lot – with articles, for example, on sensory archaeology, Timothy Darvill’s Landscape & Perception studies at Preseli, and an excellent argument by Robert Henshaw on the need to think in terms of ritual ‘imprecision’ as well as astronomical precision when assessing archaeoastronomy – it’s still a much more mainstream, academic readership than that for which I usually write. Hence the need to do things the academic way. Hence, this morning, drowning in data…

And that’s all in addition to my own stuff on methodology, and a couple of years’ work at Belas by Liz. And somehow I have to pull all of that together within the next two days, ’cause I’s already well overshot the nominal deadline, and that’s all the time I have left…

Wish me luck!

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