Computer down

Oh joys. Main computer is down – the wondrous Blue Screen of Death.

(And no, of course I don’t have a recent backup. 🙁 )

It says it can’t boot the drive, but it does at least get as far as loading up about half of the system-drivers, so I don’t think it’s the hard-drive itself. I’m suspecting it’s a memory-failure, like the last time (about 18 months ago) – it’s the only thing I’ve changed recently – which is relatively easy to fix, and shouldn’t have caused any loss of data.

Fortunately my main work right now (the Viable Services book, and the two Pocket Guides) is all on the baby-laptop, which is what I’m using to write this. But not surprisingly, a lot of critical data on that main machine – including all current emails – so I kinda hope I can get it back okay. But of course it’s a public holiday, so I may not be able to get it fixed for several days. Humph.

In the meantime, expect limited service. Hey ho.

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone, of course.

[Update: it’s in at the repairers now, but they say it’ll be several days before they can get to it, which means no way to get at my existing emails for that period, and also several days before I find out whether there’s any significant damage. Worst concern is that all my serial-numbers and passwords are on that drive, in an encrypted folder: if I can’t undo the encryption, I’d be kinda stuck for quite a lot of things – including my files backed up to the cloud, because I can’t even remember the name of the storage-provider, let alone anything else! :wrygrin: Wish me luck, I guess?]

2 Comments on “Computer down

  1. Tom,

    I’ve had a similar issue a while ago with my notebook. You may want to run a utility that does a full disk check. In my case the FAT-tables were FUBAR. The utility fixed that and after that all was fine again.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Good luck Tom. I’ve taken to saving to a memory stick, then copying to hard disk later. Not had a memory stick fail yet – famous last words?

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