Quietly busy

Apologies, have been a bit quiet of late, whilst recovering from my merry computer-crash (now fixed, with many thanks to the repair-crew at Colchester’s The Computer Shop), and working flat-out trying to finish off the current book – The Service-Oriented Enterprise: enterprise-architecture and viable services – in time to get copies printed for the TOGAF conference in San Diego in two weeks’ time. That means it really has to be be ready to go to press sometime tomorrow – which was asking a lot, since I started this weekend with almost four chapters still to write, and quite a lot of illustrations and other content still to do.

As of right now, that’s been hacked down to less than one chapter to go, and one illustration – though it’ll likely be one of the most difficult of the lot. But still, I do now have a better chance of meeting that deadline than I thought I had two days ago.

More details when it’s all done, anyway.

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