Email/web service hiccup

My Australia-based ISP Flexihostings had some kind of service-hiccup yesterday and earlier today when they seem to have scrambled all of my domain-IDs, subdomains and email-addresses. It looks like they’ve fixed it now, but it’s probable that some web-accesses didn’t work in that period, and possible that some emails vanished into the aether.

So if you tried to access a web-page or download an e-book file and it didn’t seem to be working, please do try again: it should work okay now.

And likewise if you sent me an email within the last day (8-9 Feb 2009), p’raps might be best to send it again?

Many thanks, and apologies for the hiccup – ’twas Matters Beyond Our Control and suchlike, but annoying nonetheless for anyone affected by it.

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