One of the more interesting distractions in running the Tetradian Books website is in looking up the Whois listings to see who’s downloading what. Right now the Visio function model stencil seems to be the most popular download, but there’s a fair bit of interest generally in all of the practical enterprise-architecture material. And it seems to be completely worldwide, too, though oddly it seems to come in waves. A couple of days ago it was almost all in India; a few days before that, there were a couple of downloads from mid-Africa; most days there’s usually someone from Australia, Britain or the Netherlands (no surprise there 🙂 ). Today, though, it’s all from the US:

  • unspecified, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Central Intelligence Agency, twice (yup, my work has come to the attention of the CIA 🙂 – but panic not, it was only the enterprise-architecture framework reference-sheets)
  • Boeing Corporation, Chicago
  • unspecified, via Sprint
  • State of Oregon, Salem, Oregon

Whether it has any meaning for anyone is another guess entirely 🙂 – but at least they’re interested enough to download and take a look.

Feels worthwhile, anyway. 🙂

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