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Just had confirmation from the Open Group that they’ve accepted my proposed presentation for the TOGAF London enterprise architecture conference at the end of April. Working title is Stepping-Stones of Enterprise Architecture, with the following abstract:

TOGAF 9 includes a well-described architecture capability-maturity model. This session, illustrated with practical examples from a wide range of industries, explores how to use the maturity ‘stepping stones’ to guide the choice and sequence of architecture activities, in a way that expands outward to engage the whole enterprise.

The ‘takeaways’ would be as follows:

  • how to use TOGAF 9 at a whole-of-enterprise scope
  • how to use the TOGAF 9 maturity-model as architecture ‘stepping-stones’
  • how to use enterprise values to bridge across the IT/business divide

In other words, the same overall themes that I’ve been pushing hard for a couple of years now, about how to adapt TOGAF and the like to work with the real enterprise, rather than solely the tiny subset that is its IT.

Variation this time is that I’m using the TOGAF maturity-model (adapted from COBIT or CMMI, I believe?) to show why we need to do things in what is actually a very different order from what TOGAF itself suggests, and why we have to bend the TOGAF-ADM quite radically in order to make it work for the real enterprise.

The detail for all of this will be in my upcoming book Doing Enterprise Architecture: process and practice in the real enterprise – which I now definitely have to finish and get published in time for the conference! (I’m still just about on schedule, but the timing will be tight – wish me luck, perhaps?)

And if you’re going to TOGAF London, I look forward to seeing you there.

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