Twitter, Twitter-rings and my own Twitter policy

I’ve been on Twitter for just over a month, and whilst I can see its advantages, there are some real risks and shortcomings, as Ron Tolido points out on his ‘Slow IT‘ blog. There’s a real power in building a ‘Twitter-ring’ around a single hashtag, such as we did with the ‘#ogadc‘ hashtag at the TOGAF conference – though I have to remember to ‘engage brain before opening mouth’ (or Twittering fingers, in this case), when I ranted just a bit too overtly about the inanities of the money-economy in the midst of what was supposed to be an analysis of a business-architecture study… oops… 🙁

But it’s easy for Twitter to get out of control: the maximum volume I can cope with in a day is perhaps 100-150 tweets. So my basic policy on Twitter is this:

  • anyone is welcome to follow what I do, other than the Twitter-spammers (of whom there a fair few already, unfortunately)
  • I can’t afford the time to follow anyone within my specific work-domain who posts more than an average of around 3-5 tweets per day (relevant Twitter-rings excepted)
  • I can’t afford the time to follow anyone outside my immediate work-domain who posts more than an average of around 1-2 tweets per day
  • I can’t afford the time to follow more than a maximum of about fifty people all-up, so on occasion I’ll have to un-follow someone I’m currently following, no matter how valued their tweets may be

I’m aware that shuts out tweets from a few valued colleagues, and a few very good personal friends, but that’s the best I can manage without going even further crazy than I already am. 🙂 And if you do need to reach me, there’s always email, after all.

2 Comments on “Twitter, Twitter-rings and my own Twitter policy

  1. I agree with your policy and will never be offended. I just wrote 2 articles and several blog posts on the topic of “when do tweets become noise” just because I really do not care if someone is going for a jog…having mexican food…etc…if they live on the other side of the world. Respect my time and I’ll respect yours is what i tell people.

    I’ll see and chat with you via linkedin.

  2. I kind of figured you were sticking to tweeters in your own, specialised field, and this does not bother me. Following you basically reminds me to come and read your blog, which I otherwise often forget to do *grin*

    I have a *very* different policy and approach than yours, but I’m also looking for very different results. Glad you posted this, though! 🙂

    L. x

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