‘Manifesto’ on power in the workplace

As part of the setup for getting the ‘What is power, anyway?‘ slide-pack online at Slideshare, I’ve finally gotten round to doing something I should have done a year ago: a three-page reference-sheet version of the Manifesto‘ on power in the workplace, that forms the intro and summary for my book Power and response-ability: the human side of systems.

I did the original version of this way back in 2001, but it’s still just as relevant today. Inspired in part by the structure and content of the Cluetrain Manifesto, it summarises the nature of power in the workplace, with a set of 95 statements under the following section-headings:

  • Systems
  • Economy and the ‘bottom line’
  • Stakeholders and corporate culture
  • Purpose and quality
  • Knowledge
  • Work-relationships
  • Power and response-ability
  • Human forms of power
  • Power in the work-environment
  • Sources of power
  • Mistakes about power
  • Power-addiction, winners and losers
  • Scope of power-issues
  • Conclusions and actions

As with all the reference-sheets, it’s a free download, of course. Hope you find it useful, anyway.

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