Podcast on enterprise architecture

Many thanks to Tom Cagley of Software Process & Measurement, who interviewed me a few weeks ago for a podcast on enterprise architecture for his SPaMcast.net audience. (Likewise many thanks to Pat Ferdinandi for linking me up with Tom in the first place.) He published the podcast yesterday, so it’s now available for downloading or for listening online. (The interview itself starts about ten minutes into the 50-minute podcast.)

Although I perhaps rambled sideways a bit too often, we covered a broad range of themes around the nominal topic of extending enterprise architecture beyond IT, but in a way that still makes sense to IT-audiences. As Tom suggested, I ended with a plea for IT-folks to get more real about business – with enterprise architecture as the architecture of the whole enterprise, not just its IT – and also to get real about the role of people in process – rather than assuming that IT can do everything, which it can’t and won’t.

A lot of fun for me, and I’m glad to say raised a fair few laughs from Tom as well (and in the right places, too! 🙂 ). Felt good – would like to do it again somewhen soon.

And though I says it meself 🙂 I’d say it’s “Recommended listening for anyone interested in enterprise architecture” – so again, many thanks to Tom Cagley for this.

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