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Thought it was more than about time that I changed away from the default WordPress theme to something at least a bit more versatile. The one I’ve loaded at present is iNove: a simple two-column layout with links on the right, which is what I prefer and which works best with search-engines.

Seems to work okay, though some of the fonts are perhaps slightly too small, and there are probably a few other tweaks that would help. Any suggestions / comments?

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One comment on “New theme
  1. Linda says:

    Actually I’m too busy falling over in amazement that you finally changed this to something easy on the eye. *grin* I do like it very much.

    I’m not a good person to advise you; nearly all the themes I have been messing with lately turned out not to be compatible with 2.8, leaving me with some spectacularly bad wordpress fu. 😉

    You could tweak the font size in the css, but it looks okay to me.

    Off to check out your new blog, now.

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