New weblog – 'Thinking sidewise'

Following up a recommendation from Shawn Callahan of Australian narrative-knowledge consultancy Anecdote, I’ve started a new weblog, thinking side-wise.

This existing weblog has developed a more technical emphasis around enterprise architecture, together with an assortment of other personal themes, all of which would best be described as somewhat esoteric. 🙂 The new weblog is for a more general business-executive audience, exploring how to create new possibilities, new opportunities and options in business by ‘thinking side-wise’ about the structure and nature of business, and its role within the broader enterprise of society at large. Some of these ideas will no doubt seem strange, confusing, controversial, provocative, even downright disruptive – but that’s the whole point when we’re aiming to create constructive change, surely? 🙂

So to start off in the right spirit, the first main post should be suitably challenging for most business execs: “What do shareholders own?” (The question itself should seem harmless enough; the real answer isn’t – especially for business. 🙂 )

Please let others know that these ideas are out there: Share and Enjoy, if you would?

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